Xtar Charity Contribution

    On March 12th 2017, Xtar partnered with MOWO Institution of Public Character in Anxi, Fujian to serve impoverished students.
    The school provided us with profiles for 26 students living in different villages across Anxi County and suggested that we should be divided into three sections to visit them. There were five people in each team consisted of: a teacher to lead the mission, a data collector to fill out information forms, a photographer to document the trip, a person to directly communicate with the student's family, and another person to interview the student's neighbors. 
    We found there were many kids from those families we visited who were shy also afraid of talking with others. Most of the children never smiled at us. However, there were two boys who did smile and talk with the visiting teams. Although their lives are full of hardship, they remained happy and had a positive outlook of the future. Without a doubt, we wanted to help them accomplish their dreams.
    These two boys are brothers; the elder one is in Grade 5 and the younger one is in Grade 4. Their mother has psychotic disorder and has been known to hit people sometimes. Because of this and many other reasons, the father is no longer with the family. There is only an old grandfather left to take care of these two boys. The old grandpa makes money from farming and breeding ducks, but doesn't have any money to receive treatment for his skin disease.

    They live in a poor house and the doors are made of wood. Their beds are simple and their quilts are thin. Our visiting teams wore thick jackets but still felt cold from the wind entering the house through the cracks in the wooden walls.


    Xtar donated some bags, shoes, clothes and blankets to them, hoping to bring some warmth to their home. Using money from the company's charity foundation, we built cement walls and doors also built windows for their bedrooms. Additionally, we will be donating money to the two young boys every month from now on. We hope our gift will bring peace and joy to this humble family, and allow these boys to live for the future.


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